Buy and Sale of Second Hand Cars

Thinking about used cars? We can provide many kinds of vhircles, not only private cars but also trucks, busses.
You will find great price at our store.
Please feel free to contact us!

【The reason why you choose Futaba Industrial】
☆We’ve purchased many old cars, broken-down cars, high mileage cars.
☆We offer vehircles that meet your lifestile and needs.
☆We repair a car enough, and take deliver of it in good condition.


Buy and Sale of Second Hand PCs

We sell and buy many kinds of PC products mainly in Asian countries.
Thare are a lot of top condition products in our stock and we receive high customer satisfaction.
Both private customers and corporate customers would be welcome.

Example of products we handle: laptops, desk top PCs, all in one PCs, CPU, memory, blue ray drive


Import Sales of Logistics Iquipments

You will find many kinds of eficient products in field of logistics.
Striving for quality, we provide good price.
Our top recommendation is Lashing Belt which can fix your baggages.
Lengs of the belt and type of buckles can be changed depending on your needs.


Export Sales of Second Hand Musical Instruments

We will buy any second hand musical instruments which you no longer use.
We repair them carefully, and export to all over the world.